Fund Intelligence May 22, 2020
How Will BNY Mellon balance in-house funds against third parties in new OCIO business
FEG Head of OCIO Alan Lenahan is quoted in Fund Intelligence discussing similarities of OCIO search increase from 2008 Great Financial Crisis and the recent pandemic
Press Release March 9, 2020
THE CORONAVIRUS: Impact on business and markets

FEG is actively monitoring the global spread of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and its potential impact on the markets and our business operations. Our priority is the safety of employees, our clients, and business partners, as well as ensuring we provide continuous service to our clients.  

Below please find FEG commentary, business resources, and a quick update on our business procedures.

Press Release December 20, 2019
FEG's Nolan Bean Named "Consultant of the Year" by CIO Magazine

FEG Investment Advisors’ Head of Institutional Investments Nolan Bean, CFA, CAIA, was named Consultant of the Year by Chief Investment Officer (CIO) magazine during the 2019 Industry Innovation Awards.1

Wall Street Journal October 29, 2019
Twilight of the Stock Pickers: Hedge Fund Kings Face a Reckoning
FEG Chief Investment Officer Greg Dowling is quoted in the Wall Street Journal article on hedge funds. 
FundFire October 29, 2019
How FEG Evaluates Managers on ESG
Read this  FundFire article—part of their ESG series—to see how FEG rates managers on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. The article quotes Tim O'Donnell, senior vice president and FEG Responsive Investment Committe member. 
FundFire October 21, 2019
ESG Managers Must Be 'Culturally' Invested
Watch the recent FundFire video taken at the FEG 2019 Investment Forum that features Impact Investing speaker, Dan Chu, Executive Director of the Sierra Club Foundation as he shares his organizations ESG policy  
FundFire October 21, 2019
Fewer Managers, Bigger Mandates: Inst'l Investors Reject Over-Diversification
FEG Advisory Board Member McCall Cravens is quoted from the FEG 2019 Investment Forum CIO Corner Panel discussion in the FundFire article.
Institutional Investor October 21, 2019
Harvard Endowment is Much Less Bad
FEG's Head of Institutional Investments, Nolan Bean is quoted discussing the endowment model in Institutional Investor.   
Press Release September 17, 2019
FEG Finalist in Two Categories of CIO Magazine's Awards

FEG Investment Advisors (FEG) was named finalist in two categories of the 2019 Industry Innovation Awards by Chief Investment Officer (CIO) magazine.1

FEG was named finalist in the OCIO category and Head of Institutional Investments Nolan Bean, CFA, CAIA, was named finalist in the Consultant of the Year category in a statement released by CIO.

Press Release September 12, 2019
FEG Investment Advisors to Host Ninth Investment Forum in September

FEG will host their Investment Forum in Cincinnati Ohio, September 23 – 25, 2019. This year's forum, titled "Signs: Separating Signal from Noise in Markets, Politics, and Investments" will feature leading financial and strategic experts analyzing critical trends and emerging issues.

Press Release June 10, 2019
FEG 2019 Community Foundation Survey Results Released

FEG Investment Advisors (FEG) released the results from the FEG 2019 Community Foundation Survey which saw spending rates decrease and interest in responsive investing increase.

Institutional Investor April 27, 2019
Announcing the Allocator Finalists for Institutional Investor's Hedge Fund Industry Awards
In this video clip, FEG’s Director of Global Fixed Income and Credit talks with FundFire at a recent conference. Berlin said he sees institutional investors of all stripes evaluating their fixed income strategies with many turning to private debt.
Press Release January 7, 2019
FEG Private Investors Announces Final Close for FEG Private Opportunities Fund IV, L.P.

FEG Private Investors, LLC, an affiliate of Fund Evaluation Group, LLC (FEG), announced the final closing of its fourth private capital fund of funds, FEG Private Opportunities Fund IV, L.P. (the Fund) on December 31, 2018.

Nonprofit News January 3, 2019
2019 Traditional Investments Outlook

FEG’s CIO Greg Dowling is quoted in a Nonprofit News 2019 Investment Outlook. 

Bloomberg January 3, 2019
Texas Endowment at $31 billion passes Yale with oil's help

FEG’s Christian Busken is quoted in a Bloomberg article on real assets within an endowment model. 


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