Over the past 30 years, we have been committed to attracting, retaining, and developing people to ensure value for our clients. Meet our growing team, each of whom bring unique experiences and knowledge to help our clients achieve their missions.

View our leadership team, external advisory board, investment professionals, and the rest of our team members.

Advisory Board

Investment Professionals & Sales

Team Members

Ross Bernstein Headshot
Ross Bernstein
Systems Engineer
Omkar Bhapkar Headshot
Omkar Bhapkar, IACCP
Compliance Manager
Andrew Boedecker Headshot
Andrew Boedecker
Client Service Manager
Kaelie Brice Headshot
Kaelie Brice
Client Service Associate
Nate Cook Headshot
Nate Cook
Operations Analyst
Michael Dailey Headshot
Michael Mike Dailey
Business Intelligence Systems Analyst
Denise Davis Headshot
Denise Davis
Operations Analyst
Stephanie Davis Headshot
Stephanie Davis
Senior Administrator
Corene Derenthal Headshot
Corene Derenthal
Performance Analyst
Andrea Doepker Headshot
Andrea Doepker
Client Service Manager
Kristen Fitzgerald Headshot
Kristen Fitzgerald
Senior Marketing Associate
Erin Flynn Headshot
Erin Flynn
Human Resources Manager
Doreen Fornash Headshot
Doreen Fornash
Performance Analyst
Lisa Golden Headshot
Lisa Golden
Senior Business Development Analyst
Andrea Granville Headshot
Andrea Granville
Marketing Assistant
Richard Hain Headshot
Richard Rick Hain
Manager of Trading Operations
Charles Hall Headshot
Charles Chuck Hall
Microsoft .NET Developer
Erin Humphrey Headshot
Erin Humphrey
Manager of Client Service Operations
Paul Keating Headshot
Paul Keating
Vice President, Manager of Fund Operations
Lisa Kenford Headshot
Lisa Kenford
Senior Compliance Analyst
Kevin Kersting Headshot
Kevin Kersting
Vice President, Client Service
Chris Kuhn Headshot
Chris Kuhn
Marketing Assistant
Jennie Largent Headshot
Jennie Jenny Largent
Vice President, Marketing
Trena Mains Headshot
Trena Mains
Susanne Martinez Headshot
Susanne Martinez
Executive & Legal Administrator
Taylor McNamara Headshot
Taylor McNamara
Senior Business Development Analyst
Kyndal Michel Marks Headshot
Kyndal Michel Marks
Manager of Fund Operations
Kelly Moore Headshot
Kelly Moore
Performance Analyst
Laura Niemeyer Headshot
Laura Niemeyer
Performance Analyst, Client Service
Kevin Parsons Headshot
Kevin Parsons
Data Warehouse Manager
Michelle Poe Headshot
Michelle Michelle Poe
IT Systems Manager
Brittany Robbins Headshot
Brittany Robbins
Business Development Analyst - RFP
Annie Rogers Headshot
Annie Rogers
Susan Schrader Headshot
Susan Schrader
Manger of Operations
Matthew Schwier Headshot
Matthew Matt Schwier
Vice President, Director of Client Development
Samantha Schwierjohann Headshot
Samantha Schwierjohann
Katherine Smith Headshot
Katherine Katie Smith
Senior Accounting Associate
Scott Stumpf Headshot
Scott Stumpf
Vice President, Information Technology
Christopher Taylor Headshot
Christopher Chris Taylor
Senior Financial Analyst
Gianna Tremoulis Headshot
Gianna Tremoulis, Esq
Associate General Counsel
Angela Utley Headshot
Angela Utley
Lead RFP Process Analyst
Joseph Vuotto Headshot
Joseph Joey Vuotto
IT Network Administrator
Sarah Wessling Headshot
Sarah Wessling
Vice President, Communications and Client Engagement
Jeanine Wilson Headshot
Jeanine Wilson
Senior Reporting Associate