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Euro Trash or Treasure with Richard Bruce

Podcast | June 3, 2024

Are we ignoring the value across the pond? What sectors and themes are most interesting? Does Europe have the same index concentration issues as the U.S.? Tune in to find out with today's guest, Richard Bruce.


Whipsaw Wisdom with CEO Alan Lenahan

Podcast | May 6, 2024

Tune into "Whipsaw Wisdom" with FEG's CIO Greg Dowling and FEG's CEO Alan Lenahan as they discuss the story of "Whipsaw", Lenahan's career journey, the evolution of FEG, key industry trends, and much more.


Uncovering Nuclear Returns with Mike Scott

Podcast | April 1, 2024

If your nuclear knowledge is limited to Homer Simpson and Chernobyl, this podcast is a must-listen. Tune in to discover the trends, opportunities, and risks of nuclear power in today’s market — with insights that will leave you glowing.


Singularity or SkyNet: Exploring AI with Greg Bond of Man Numeric

Podcast | March 4, 2024

Will artificial intelligence lead to widespread job loss, or will it spur economic growth and boost productivity? Tune in to discover the potential impact of AI on the workforce and the economy with Greg Bond, Chief Executive Officer of Man Numeric.


When Doves Cry?: 2024 Market Outlook with Jason Trennert

Podcast | February 6, 2024

After a frantic rally to finish 2023, what can we expect for 2024? Do we party like it’s 1999, or will doves cry? Uncover the insights that will shape the year ahead with Jason Trennert, Chief Investment Strategist of Strategas.


All the Waves You Cannot See with David Grain

Podcast | January 2, 2024

How do invisible waves in the sky, raw land for the digital age, hold the key to a $6-10 trillion opportunity? David Grain, CEO of Grain Management, unveils the secrets behind the explosive growth of data, the race in technology, and why private capital is the driving force shaping our digital future.


Exiting the Narrative Matrix: AI, Storytelling, and Markets with Ben Hunt

Podcast | November 7, 2023

Discover what it may mean to exit the narrative matrix of today as Epsilon Theory creator and thought-leader Ben Hunt joins Greg Dowling on the FEG Insight Bridge. The two explore Ben's enthusiasm for game theory as it relates to market narratives and one of the world's most prominent games, investing.


Soccer Mom to Sports Magnate with Kara Nortman

Podcast | October 10, 2023

Immerse yourself in the world of investing in sports as Greg Dowling sits down with prominent American venture capitalist, Kara Nortman. Kara shares her journey in becoming the visionary founder of Monarch Collective, a gender-equality group of venture capitalists in effort to increase diversity and the co-founder of Angel City FC.


Real Estate...Real Problems?

Podcast | July 7, 2023

Is the real estate sector really as bad as the headlines seem? This episode welcomes Seth Singerman, founder and managing principal of Singerman Real Estate,  as he breaks down the diverse asset class and shares his thoughts on key areas of growth and opportunity going forward.


The Price was Wrong, Ben! A Conversation on Interest Rate History

Podcast | June 2, 2023

Join FEG’s Head of Research Greg Dowling as he chats with Edward Chancellor, financial historian, financial journalist, investment strategist, former investment professional, and best-selling author of Devil Take the Hindmost. 


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