FEG has dedicated significant resources towards talent, data, and technology to provide clients with actionable insights. Research offerings include capital markets research, asset allocation guidance, manager research, and due diligence across asset classes and global opportunities.

Outsourced Research Services is available to those who desire access to the research team without engaging in a consulting or OCIO relationship.

Research Philosophy
We use a six-tenet framework to develop a qualitative evaluation rating for all recommended investments based on:

1. Conviction
2. Consistency
3. Pragmatism
4. Investment Culture
5. Risk Control
6. Active Return

Research Process
Before an investment manager can be added to a recommended list, it is subjected to an in-depth process which includes quantitative evaluation, FEG Investment Policy Committee review and approval, and ongoing monitoring.



FEG’s investment analysts and professionals are available for ongoing consultation with clients. Touchpoints include:

  • Quarterly discussions with sector leaders
  • Proactive sharing of FEG’s best research and manager ideas
  • Access to FEG opinion papers on capital markets and managers

More than just a database solution, we perform extensive qualitative analysis and due diligence to ensure only select investment managers are added to our recommended list. Asset classes include:

  • Global Equity (stocks, private equity, long/short hedge funds)
  • Global Fixed Income and Credit (bonds, bank loans, credit hedge funds)
  • Real Assets (real estate, natural resources, commodities)
  • Diversifying Strategies (absolute return hedge funds, trading strategies)


Outsourced Research Services

Outsourced Research Service solutions range from traditional offerings such as capital markets research, asset allocation, and manager research to more specialized solutions, such as hedge fund and private capital due diligence.

Sounding Board
Interact directly with FEG’s Research team and gain easy access to research reports and position papers through your custom portal.

We offer a range of implementation solutions, including:

We go beyond providing data points to truly collaborate with clients and understand your challenges so that we can develop solutions and serve as a partner for your firm’s investment research.

We’d love to learn about your organization’s research objectives.


Pete Salvator

Vice President

Director of Research Services


James Ouderkirk

Vice President

Investment Strategies