Tailored Investment Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

FEG understands the unique challenges facing the healthcare industry. For more than 35 years, we have partnered with healthcare organizations to manage their investment portfolios and strengthen their ability to make a greater impact. We accommodate their unique needs and enterprise considerations such as liquidity management, mergers and acquisitions, and the impact of technology and innovation for patients.


Empowering Diverse Healthcare Organizations for Greater Impact

Healthcare Systems
Regional Hospitals
Retirement Communities
Healthcare Conversion Foundations

Navigating Challenges in Healthcare

Our tenure and experience partnering with complex healthcare organizations affords the fortitude needed to effectively navigate through challenging environments like the following:

Challenging Operating Environment
Lower revenues and decreased or negative operating margins
Higher costs for labor and medical supplies
Reimbursements have not kept pace with the higher costs

Pension Plans
Funding required contributions are more challenging in a time of decreased margins

Managing Capital Projects
Higher borrowing costs and higher building costs

Customized Investment Solutions

FEG’s heritage embraces flexibility and building portfolios that align with a client’s enterprise needs. Key attributes specifically relevant to healthcare organizations include:

The ability to adapt and complement the governance of the healthcare entity with investment advisory services that include Outsourced CIO, Delegated Investing, or Consulting.

Evaluating enterprise considerations: debt covenants, debt ratings, impact of investments on financial statements, monitoring key metrics (e.g., DCOH).

Providing education and facilitate discussions on best practices or policy changes to assist committees in their decision-making process.

Why Choose FEG?

Institutional healthcare investors choose FEG because of the experience through a well-rounded and resourced investment team equipped to deliver a sound portfolio structure aimed at achieving clients investment goals. 

Flexible Service Implementation: FEG provides OCIO and consulting services tailored to meet unique investment needs.

Customized Solutions: FEG crafts investment solutions customized to the specific liquidity, risk, and return needs of each healthcare institution.

Experience: FEG understands the challenges faced by hospitals, including managing liquidity and maintaining compliance with debt covenants, offering investment solutions informed by decades of industry experience.

Most importantly, given our experience working with institutional healthcare investors, we understand the many interlinking variables and realize there is no “one size fits all” approach. 

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Healthcare Clients

*All statistics as of 12/31/2023. Updated annually. 

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As of December 31, 2023. Assets under Advisement (AUA) include discretionary and non-discretionary assets of FEG and its affiliated entities. These assets are typically non-discretionary. Some asset values may not be readily available at the most recent quarter-end; therefore, the previous quarter's values were used and may be higher or lower depending on current market conditions. Of the $77.7bn in AUA, FEG's total assets under management (AUM) of $13.6bn includes discretionary ($10.7bn) and non-discretionary AUM ($10.9bn).