Op-Ed: The Climate Investment Dilemma—Divestment or Decarbonization?

Chief Investment Officer | October 27, 2021

FEG Senior Vice President and Advisor, Tim O'Donnell, CAIA, wrote an op-ed for Chief Investment Officer, where he discusses the difficulty facing investors as they determine the best course of action on climate change—divestment or decarbonization?    

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Consultants Pledge to Start Reporting Internal Diversity Data

FundFire | October 4, 2021

FEG is proud to be a member of the Institutional Investing Diversity Cooperative and supports the goal of increased diversity transparency across the industry.

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University Endowments Mint Billions in Golden Era of Venture Capital

The Wall Street Journal | September 29, 2021

FEG Head of Institutional Investments, Nolan Bean, CFA, CAIA, is quoted in The Wall Street Journal discussing the "unique environment" that has resulted in endowments posting their largest investment gains in decades.

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Real Estate, Infra Players Boost 'Distributed Energy' Focus

FundFire | September 22, 2021

FEG Senior Vice President and Director of Real Assets, Christian Busken, is quoted in FundFire discussing distributed energy and the strong "interest in anything power-related that is not tied to fossil fuels. If it's got any connection to renewables, money will likely pile in."

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FEG Investment Advisors Releases Survey Data on Crypto Donations Among Nonprofits

Press Release | September 23, 2021

FEG examines nonprofit organizations’ current policies, processes and questions on crypto gifts

Today, FEG Investment Advisors (FEG) released the results of their latest FEG Flash Poll that surveyed how endowments and foundations approach cryptocurrency donations. The survey provides insight into the views of investment professionals across more than 70 nonprofit organizations on questions related to the acceptance of cryptocurrency donations, documentation and the processing of such gifts.

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Why FEG Finds Value in Small Managers

Fundwise | September 7, 2021

FEG Head of Private Capital, Susan Fasig, CFA joined Fundwise for a Q&A session discussing topics such as why accessing smaller funds is important to FEG, what sectors offer attractive strategies, and even the best way to get a first meeting with FEG.

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More Foundations Turn to OCIOs While Demanding Collaboration

FundFire | August 30, 2021

FEG Chief Investment Officer and Head of OCIO, Alan Lenahan, is quoted in FundFire discussing why more foundations are turning to OCIO. Alan states “specifically, foundations are looking for help with private investments” and notes that “the traditional investment committee model doesn’t always serve best to get the access and to make decisions on a timely basis.”

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Industrial Real Estate Leaps to Global Markets

FundFire | August 18, 2021

FEG Senior Vice President and Director of Real Assets, Christian Busken, is quoted in FundFire discussing "one of the hottest property types in real estate right now."

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Greg Dowling Featured on DoubleLine Capital's The Sherman Show Podcast

DoubleLine | July 27, 2021

Greg Dowling, FEG Head of Research and CIO and host of the FEG Insight Bridge Podcast, was a featured guest on DoubleLine Capital’s The Sherman Show Podcast discussing OCIO services, markets, and macro.

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Consultants See Continued Drive Towards ‘Alternative’ Private Debt

HedgeWeek | July 26, 2021

FEG's Senior Vice President and Director of Global Fixed Income and Credit, Keith Berlin, is featured in HedgeWeek projecting 'that demand will shift toward 'alternative credit' in the future, as investors look to diversify toward uncorrelated credit strategies.'                                                                                                                                                              Please note: FEG assets under management as of March 31, 2021 total $10.7 billion.

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