3 Ways to Keep Endowment Investment Returns Real in 2021

University Business | March 8, 2021

FEG's Head of Institutional Investments Nolan Bean authored an article for University Business in which he discusses three ways to keep endowment investment returns real in 2021.

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Hedge Funds' Bets on Fannie and Freddie Cause Pain

Wall Street Journal | January 21, 2021

FEG's Co-CIO and Head of Research Greg Dowling is quoted in the Wall Street Journal discussing how often risky bets, such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac returning to private hands, "just never pan out."

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OCIOs Gear Up to Play Inflation, Recovery Themes in 2021

FundFire | January 19, 2021

FEG Co-CIO and Head of OCIO Alan Lenahan is quoted in FundFire discussing how a market correction could trigger certain moves related to inflation and recovery themes in 2021.

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Energy Transition Funds on the Rise

FundFire | December 9, 2020

FEG Senior Vice President and Director of Real Assets Christian Busken is quoted in FundFire discussing the "growing investor interest in finding ways to combat climate change."

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FEG Begins Supplying Data to Alpha Nasdaq OCIO Indices

Institutional Asset Manager | November 18, 2020

In Institutional Asset Manager's recent article, they discuss the addition of several more OCIOs—including FEG—supplying data to the Alpha Nasdaq OCIO indices this quarter.

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The 2020 Elections

Memo | October 28, 2020

As the 2020 U.S. Elections near, we wanted to provide helpful information and resources. Below please find our insight on Elections and Markets, links to helpful resources on voting and election forecasts, and other FEG recommended materials. 

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FEG Partners with Diligend

Institutional Asset Manager | October 27, 2020

FEG's Vice President Consultant Douglas Walouke is quoted in the Institutional Asset Manager discussing the new partnership between FEG and Diligend. Diligend will work to further automate and digitalize FEG's operations. 

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FEG Names Replacement for Retiring CFO

FundFire | October 9, 2020

In FundFire's People on the Move, they discuss the new hire of Lisa Hague as FEG CFO. Read the full article here. To read the full FEG press release, click here.

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Money Funds Waive Charges to Keep Yields From Falling Below Zero

Wall Street Journal | August 24, 2020

FEG's Head of Fixed Income Keith Berlin is quoted in the Wall Street Journal discussing how current interest rates are impacting the return on capital for investor money funds.

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Current Market Gives Large Institutional Investors Pause

Wall Street Journal | July 31, 2020

FEG Chief Investment Officer Greg Dowling is quoted in the Wall Street Journal discussing how market volatility caused by the pandemic is impacting institutional investors.

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