Community Foundations Increasing Diverse Manager Hires

FIN NEWS | July 28, 2022

FEG Senior Vice President, Institutional Services, Quincy Brown, is quoted in FIN NEWS discussing how "The number of community foundations who have hired diverse asset managers this year nearly doubled from last year’s..." FEG Community Foundation Survey.

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FEG Investment Advisors Releases 2022 Community Foundation Survey Results

Press Release | July 19, 2022

FEG Investment Advisors (FEG) announced release of results from the eighth annual FEG 2022 Community Foundation Survey, a survey of nearly 100 U.S. community foundations representing approximately $38 billion in assets under advisement.1 Notably, the 2022 survey saw that community foundations continue to place a growing emphasis on hiring diverse asset managers, with the figure doubling since 2021, and that, stemming from an industry trend toward OCIO, more than 30% of those transitioning from a consulting model or service provider are now considering the OCIO model.

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More Community Foundations are Hiring Diverse Managers

FundFire | July 19, 2022

FEG Senior Vice President, Advisor Jeff Weisker is quoted in FundFire discussing the increase in community foundations investing with diverse managers. He says, "if you look at the trends over the years, everything has stayed relatively the same, except for hiring diverse managers - it's just exploded."

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Consultants Tasked with Helping Endowments Navigate Inflation

FundFire | July 6, 2022

FEG Chief Investment Officer and Head of Research Greg Dowling is quoted in FundFire discussing how endowments react to inflation, saying that "investors will generally not radically change their spending policies based on short-term inflation indices."

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Equities Core, Smaller Managers Key to 'Excess Returns' for Endowments

FundFire | May 16, 2022

FEG Head of Institutional Investments, Nolan Bean, CFA, CAIA, is quoted in FundFire discussing the importance of "having fundamental principles of how you're going to invest, but also being willing to adapt to the marketplace and understanding how you may need to tweak" those fundamental principles.

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FEG Investment Advisor's Investment Symposium at Pegasus Park

BioNTX | May 3, 2022

FEG Investment Advisors hosted an Investment Symposium at Pegasus Park on May 3. The event welcomed more than 100 attendees to hear from industry leaders on investment, economic, and biotech trends.

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Greg Dowling Featured on Capital Allocators Podcast

Capital Allocators | May 2, 2022

Greg Dowling, FEG Head of Research, CIO,  and host of the FEG Insight Bridge Podcast, was a guest on Capital Allocators Podcast. In this interview, Ted and Greg discuss Greg's background and FEG, including how FEG supports its clients with portfolio management, manager selection and due diligence, and working with Investment Committees. Greg also shares his opinion on different market dynamics, including private equity, venture capital, crossover funds, hedge funds, and “weird ideas,” as well as the evolution of the investment process post-COVID.

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Greg Dowling Featured on Capital Allocators Manager Meetings Podcast with Cordillera Investment Partners

Capital Allocators | March 24, 2022

Greg Dowling, FEG Head of Research, CIO, and host of the FEG Insight Bridge Podcast, was a guest host on Capital Allocators Manager Meetings Podcast, interviewing co-founder and co-managing partner of Cordillera Investment Partners, Chris Heller. Their conversation begins with Chris’s background and the founding of Cordillera before shifting to the evolution of alternative assets and alternative alternatives. Lastly, Chris discusses sourcing new opportunities, conducting due diligence, measuring risk, portfolio construction, and exit strategy.

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Investors Interest in Diverse Managers Not Reflected in Hires

FIN News | March 24, 2022

FEG Senior Vice President, Quincy Brown, is quoted in FIN News discussing the results of FEG's Diverse Asset Manager Flash Poll. "We expected that people are still debating how they define and assess this approach, and I think that in the coming years, their efforts are going to be more focused on implementation," he says.

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Alternatives Watch 2022 Outlook: FEG

Alternatives Watch | March 8, 2022

FEG Chief Investment Officer and Head of Research, Greg Dowling, joined Alternatives Watch for a Q&A session focusing on how FEG is advising its clients to weather the uncertainty ahead in the markets. 

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