RI Video Series [10]: FEG's Commitment to RI

More than just a solutions provider, FEG is also a partner on the continuum of responsive investing, continuously seeking to improve and refine our approach and adapt to new issues and trends as they emerge. FEG Vice President Devinne Verst shares the evolution of FEG’s journey, some of our lessons learned, and our ongoing commitment to responsive investing for the future.

At FEG, it's our mission to empower our clients to achieve their missions by being a good partner and investor. It was through close partnerships and conversations, truly listening to our clients' goals in their communities, and understanding what they're working towards that we understood the real power of responsive investing. Whether focusing on addressing environmental imbalances, social issues, or advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, we believe we can help nonprofit organizations make an impact beyond just financial return.

More than a decade since our initial conversations, FEG now manages a fully screened ESG portfolio with a nine year track record. But that is just one solution of many that we have since created. Our advisors help clients invest in turnkey mutual fund solutions, all the way to building custom impact programs that target their specific communities. We call this collection of mission-focused solutions RISE, which stands for Responsive Investing Solutions Exchange.

In addition to RISE, FEG recently became a UN PRI signatory, demonstrating our firm's commitment to responsive investing. Our work, though, is nowhere near finished. One of the biggest challenges that remains is finding quality investment opportunities that truly adhere to responsive investing principles. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, our RI and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committees keep a pulse on emerging trends and opportunities to help alleviate these challenges for our clients.

So, as a member of the RI Committee, I personally ask you, what is your biggest hurdle in aligning your portfolio with your mission? Our conversation may open a door to opportunities for your organization, but also many others. So I encourage you to reach out and talk to us.