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Steamroller Blues… Active Management & Value

Dallas on Download Series | June 25, 2020
Staley Cates of Southeastern Asset Management, a Memphis native and music buff, joins us for today’s episode, titled Steamroller Blues—which could not be more fitting when talking about active management and value. In the new world economy, many investors are left to wonder if active management and value can still work. Listen in as Staley discusses these topics, as well as the current market environment, and the opportunity set in the value universe.

Death in the Oil Patch

Dallas on Download Series | June 18, 2020
The last couple of months saw a dramatic increase in market volatility and plummeting oil prices amid a global pandemic and oil price war. Listen in to our conversation with John Baschab of Scout Energy and Billy Quinn of Pearl Energy as we discuss the energy backdrop and where we are today, including whether there truly is a storage crisis and how to preserve value in your assets. We also discuss the opportunity set moving forward and the impacts of ESG on energy markets.

The Promise and Hope of Biotech

Dallas on Download Series | June 11, 2020
During a global pandemic, the biotech field can be critical as researchers race to develop a cure. In this episode, Peter Kolchinsky of RA Capital and Kush Parmar of 5AM Ventures join us to discuss the Promise and Hope of Biotech. The conversation delves into the specialist field, including the biotech and big pharma ecosystem, balancing financial acumen and medical knowledge, why the NPV model doesn't tell all, exciting innovations, and how to build the industry of the future in less common geographic areas.

The State of the Credit Markets

Dallas on Download Series | June 4, 2020
The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have rippled through markets and halted businesses, some of which may never be restored. Listen in as Josh Friedman of Canyon Partners compares the current crisis to those we have seen before, including the structural differences today, the impact of inflows and outflows on liquidity, and the goals of the Fed’s swift response. We also touch on the outlook across structured credit, including residential and commercial mortgages, and the right investment vehicle for different types of strategies.


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