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Governance Framework: How to Structure for Success

September 13, 2021

Having the right governance structure is key to an organization’s success. Good governance leads to good decision-making across the entire organization, including the investment committee. Conversely, a poor governance structure can lead to underperformance across an organization. The governance framework serves as a foundation upon which an organization builds different roles and processes. This post outlines how to structure your governance framework for success.

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Second Quarter 2021 Private Capital Quarterly Review

Private Capital Quarterly | August 23, 2021

In 2013, venture capitalist Aileen Lee described venture-backed companies valued at $1 billion as being “rare as a unicorn.” At the time, the venture industry was emerging from a lost decade following the technology bubble bursting in early 2000 and successful and highly valued venture-backed companies were exceedingly rare, occurring less than 0.1% of the time. Today, however, unicorns are occurring with greater frequency and at significantly greater values, which has attracted the attention of investors, venture capital firms, and public investors alike. As a result, exit markets, valuations, and potential returns have been profoundly impacted.

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Research Review: July 2021

Research Review | August 13, 2021

The U.S. labor market continued to chip away at the more than 22 million jobs lost during the two-month recession in March and April 2020, as 943,000 positions were added to the economy in July. This follows June’s similarly strong reading of 938,000 and adds continued evidence that the economy is exhibiting a strong expansionary bias. Click to read more about what has been driving the markets.

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Market Commentary: Second Quarter 2021

Market Commentary | July 22, 2021

Second quarter 2021 presented investors with a broadly positive performance backdrop. Notably, in June, U.S. large cap growth strongly outperformed value, small cap underperformed large cap, interest rates declined, the U.S. dollar sharply appreciated, and incoming U.S. economic data began to slip versus sell-side estimates.

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Research Review: Second Quarter 2021

Research Review | July 20, 2021

Market performance in the second quarter was broadly positive across most major asset classes and categories, with many themes resembling the pre-COVID backdrop, particularly related to domestic large cap growth’s strong performance. Inflationary concerns continued to remain at the forefront, as many realized inflation measures accelerated to multi-decade highs through the quarter and materially above the Federal Reserve’s 2% target.

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Webinar Replay: FEG 2021 Community Foundation Survey - Insight

FEG Insight | July 16, 2021

Hear from FEG consultants Jeff Davis, Jeff Weisker, and Quincy Brown as they reveal financial and enterprise trends from across the community foundation field. They also address key themes and considerations for your organization from the FEG 2021 Community Foundation Survey.

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Research Review: May 2021

Research Review | June 17, 2021

May presented investors with broad-based gains across most major asset classes and categories, as the ongoing resumption of global economic activity appeared to have gathered pace and sent inflation rates higher in the process. Incoming economic data during the month suggested the sharpest annualized inflation rate increase in nearly 30 years.

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FEG Insight: CF Survey Executive Summary

Market Commentary | June 15, 2021

The FEG Community Foundation Survey provides transparency into financial and enterprise trends facing community foundations today. Foundation leaders can use this as a benchmarking tool to support strategic decision-making. This year we had 110 participants from 35 states.   Key themes and results from the survey are shared below on topics including investment model, asset allocation, performance, diverse asset managers, responsive investing, spending policy, fees,  and investment committee structure.

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First Quarter 2021 Private Capital Quarterly Review

Private Capital Quarterly | May 19, 2021

Energy was one of the most negatively impacted sectors by the pandemic in 2020. By the end of the first quarter 2021, energy markets recovered and have led the market thus far in 2021. Notably, this surge is occurring at a time when many investors have abandoned energy following years of disappointing returns, along with a shift toward divesting in fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy. One trend that stands out across multiple segments of the investment landscape today is clean energy. The sector has experienced massive and unprecedented capital flows in both public and private markets—a trend which is being driven by a myriad of factors.

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Research Review: April 2021

Research Review | May 17, 2021

For the first time since the beginning of COVID-19 containment measures last spring, the headline unemployment rate nudged higher. The bigger story, however, is the sizable miss versus expectations on the payrolls front. The setback in labor market gains in April may ultimately prove to be a temporary stumble; it may alternatively foreshadow future friction and potentially limit economic growth potential returning to healthy, pre-COVID levels.

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