FEG can help support and advance your organization's mission through responsible financial and social stewardship, allowing you to build a diverse, sophisticated portfolio incorporating a Responsive Investing (RI) strategy suitably aligned with your long-term objectives.

We provide this service for both consulting and OCIO clients and offer RI opportunities tailored to you. This can be through a spectrum of investing opportunities from issue-specific screening to complete Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria integrated across several asset classes.


What is Responsive Investing?

FEG uses Responsive Investing (RI) as an umbrella holistic term to encompass many types of investments related to economic, environmental, social, governance, or impact investments. We believe RI is becoming increasingly prevalent, with a number of implementation options as investors continue to dedicate more assets. 

Learn RI definitions, trends, and considerations



Implementation Considerations

When the discussion arises about RI, there are a number of considerations. Every organization will have different approaches, goals, and interpretations of Responsive Investing. LEARN MORE



Investing with the FEG OCIO ESG Portfolio

We have a 8-year track record of discretionary ESG portfolio management.  Click here to gain an overview of the FEG OCIO ESG Portfolio, our construction process, and how the portfolio ranks on ESG scores.  



FEG's Commitment to RI

FEG is proud to support our client's viewpoint and objectives.  Depending on the client need, we have helped implement RI through a spectrum of investing opportunities from issue-specific screening to complete ESG criteria integrated across several asset classes. 

“We are excited to help our clients implement responsible investing opportunities that align with their mission and their portfolio objectives.”
—Gary R. Price, FEG Managing Director of Institutional Services

 Our devotion to Responsive Investing includes:

  • A dedicated RI Committee of eight employees who oversee RI trends and investment opportunities, develop educational content, and conduct ESG screenings for client portfolios. 
  • We help educate, evaluate, and implement an RI strategy best aligned with a client's long-term objectives.
  • Experience customizing responsive investment programs to the unique needs and objectives of Community Foundations, Charitable, and Religious organizations.
  • Presenting at conferences on RI as well as attending other industry conferences. 
  • Proud membership in the following organizations:
USSIF Confluence Philanthropy Mission Investors Exchange



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