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FEG provides investment consulting, outsourced CIO (OCIO), and research services to institutions and financial intermediaries.

Our solutions provide flexibility through a spectrum of services with varying levels of discretion. The ideal service model depends on a client’s individual needs and can range from a hands-on, traditional consulting approach to a delegated, fully outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) approach. All services are backed by the same disciplined investment and research process, providing continuity across the spectrum.


FEG Consulting is our traditional non-discretionary service model for institutions. In this classic partnership, FEG consultants provide proactive and objective advice, which clients evaluate and implement.

Our extensive experience and in-depth research allow us to provide an array of services—including asset allocation strategy and manager recommendations and evaluationsto help clients achieve their investment objectives.


FEG’s Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) services represent a discretionary investment model where FEG acts as a fiduciary, managing portfolios on behalf of our clients.

FEG OCIO was developed as a solution for our institutional consulting clients who liked the customization of the traditional consulting model, but desired clearer lines of accountability and more consistency in the investment process.


FEG's Research Services helps investment advisors amplify their internal capabilities.  

FEG Research Services solutions range from traditional offerings such as capital markets research, asset allocation, and manager research, to more specialized solutions such as hedge fund and private capital due diligence, capabilities assessment, access funds, and discretionary managed portfolios.

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FEG Managed Portfolios offer financial advisors and intermediaries access to FEG's expertise in asset allocation and manager selection via a series of turn-key portfolios. Component portfolios are also available for advisors wishing to take a more custom approach with clients.

Today, financial advisors can draw on our core competencies to offer clients an institutional-quality portfolio management solution.

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