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Market Commentary: Fourth Quarter

Market Commentary: Fourth Quarter

The U.S. dollar strengthened in the fourth quarter of 2014—as well as for the year—placing downward pressure on U.S. investors’ international holdings. This combined with the price of oil collapsing and the relative strength of the U.S. stock market has prompted some investors to question whether the widely held belief that portfolios should be broadly diversified in order to maximize the probability of achieving long-term performance goals should still be applied.

Christian S., Busken

After the Recovery: The Road Ahead for Real Estate Investing

During the real assets session of the 2014 FEG Investment Forum titled, “After the Recovery: The Road Ahead for Real Estate Investing,” a panel of topic experts depicted a market with opportunities for the careful investor. Speakers discussed the current state of the real estate markets, the factors driving the recovery over the past four years, and insights into opportunities in real estate going forward. The audience learned key metrics to consider before investing, risky areas, and other hot topics.

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