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Since 1988, FEG has been providing traditional investment consulting services to help our institutional clients develop robust investment programs. Being an independent investment advisor allows us to be focused on our clients and offer access to niche solutions. FEG Consulting is non-discretionary, i.e., FEG consultants offer proactive, objective advice, which clients evaluate and approve for implementation. 


  • Buy-in on portfolio decision-making: You are provided with the framework to support your decisions. Your key decision makers have a voice at the table and ultimately control the application of any investment decision.
  • Custom portfolios: We support you in designing portfolios that meet your specific investment objectives while also managing a variety of risks.
  • Shared accountability: Our consultants are assigned to support relationships, share fiduciary responsibility, and serve as an extension of your staff. Your fiduciaries remain engaged in the selection of investment managers, asset allocation, and portfolio performance.
  • Institution retains control: Our clients often cite this as the most important benefit for providing the clarity and transparency required for due diligence.

FEG Consulting supports your decision-making with our guidance, insight, and skill at evaluating a wide variety of investment managers and strategies. Our institutional consultants have expertise in a multitude of investment solutions, including capital markets assumptions, portfolio construction and asset allocation, alternative investment strategies, and manager recommendations and due diligence.

Our institutional investment consulting approach is best suited for organizations with the resources and expertise to be actively involved in the implementation process, allowing for greater control by the organization.