FEG was founded in 1988 around the simple vision to provide clients with forward-thinking, unbiased, research-based investment advice and to serve as an advocate and fiduciary.

Since then, dedication to our clients has remained FEG’s primary focus, and the firm has grown from five employees to one of the largest investment consultants1 in the U.S. Over the years, we have refined our mission to empower our clients to achieve their goals through superior investment performance, objective insights, and pragmatic research.

In pursuit of that mission, we’ve deepened our bench of investment talent, expanded our client support capabilities, and developed new service offerings to help clients pursue investment success with their unique objectives, challenges, and constraints in mind.

FEG's client base has expanded to include a broad collection of institutions, including nonprofits, defined benefit plans, insurance companies, and financial advisors, and over time, we’ve grown our national presence by opening offices in Indianapolis and Dallas.

In 2017, we broadened equity ownership of FEG to 100 percent of our eligible employees, ensuring the firm’s independence and commitment to our client-centric model going forward.


1Pensions & Investments report dated November 27, 2017. List of “The Largest Investment Consultants” is based on worldwide assets under advisement as of June 30, 2017. Reference to this listing is not an endorsement by Pensions & Investments. Any awards, nominations, listing or recognition received by FEG or its personnel are not representative of any client’s experience or FEG’s capabilities as an investment adviser and as such does not indicate any future experience or performance. FEG is not affiliated with Pensions & Investments and does not validate the appropriateness of this list.