Working with healthcare providers for more than 20 years, FEG understands the challenges and intricacies of the evolving healthcare ecosystem. Through our extensive experience working with pensions, operating assets, and foundations, we appreciate the complexities of designing and managing investment strategies to balance competing goals across multiple pools.

Designed to adjust to your organization’s ever-changing needs, our flexible service model allows us to act as an in-house Chief Investment Officer, an outsourced investment office, or a consulting partner providing proactive research and advice. We help our clients bridge the gap between their portfolios and the enterprise, and build holistic investment programs that seek to address the needs and goals of the organization.

FEG’s core strengths in working with healthcare clients:

  • Independent firm structure that ensures clients come first
  • Experience working with health systems, hospitals, healthcare conversion foundations, and other health-related entities
  • Direct access to FEG's research and investment team, including dedicated private capital and hedge fund resources
  • Disciplined investment process designed to collaboratively develop and implement a customized investment strategy across multiple pools
  • Holistic approach to portfolio construction—we do not view pools in isolation and consider the entire enterprise 
  • OCIO solutions enable healthcare clients to focus on their primary, mission-related goals


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