While FEG began in 1988, our roots date back to 1985 when we were the Retirement Plan Consulting Division for Prescott, Ball and Turben. Based on these years of experience, we recognize that high-quality research and manager oversight is the largest contributor to meeting the needs of defined contribution and tax deferred plans. 

Our experienced investment professionals are committed to providing competent and value-added consulting services to the retirement plan market and other institutional plan sponsors. Plan sponsors benefit from our fiduciary oversight and our focus on minimizing funding requirements—issues that have taken on even more importance with the Pension Protection Act of 2006.

We work closely with a plan sponsor's actuary to gain a thorough understanding of the funding status of the plan and the rate of return assumptions. This helps ensure that we design an investment portfolio aimed at meeting plan objectives, whether that means maximizing return or matching assets more closely with liabilities.

FEG offers corporate retirement plans the ability to provide independent fund elections, a set of managed portfolios of varying risk levels, or a combination of both. Whatever the vehicle, our solutions are designed to make the process easy and accessible.