FEG has been a leader in partnering with charitable organizations for 30 years. In fact, nonprofit organizations represent approximately 75% of our institutional assets under advisement.1 We understand the issues facing charitable organizations, especially the need for inter-generational equality and the impact of spending policies.

FEG is an active member of charitable support communities in order to remain current with our clients’ peers and their perceptions of broad industry topics, concerns, and best practices.

FEG's core strengths in working with charitable organizations:

  • 100% employee-owned, broad equity ownership ensuring clients come first
  • Assistance with donor development and fundraising
  • Serving as an extension of clients' staff, offering charitable organizations direct access to FEG’s research and investments team
  • OCIO solutions that enable charitable organization clients to focus on their primary, mission-related goals

1 As of December 31,2018. Assets under Advisement (AUA) include discretionary and non-discretionary assets of FEG and its affiliated entities. These assets are typically non-discretionary. Some asset values may not be readily available at the most recent quarter-end; therefore, the previous quarter's values were used for this calculation. The values may be higher or lower, depending on the current market conditions. Of the $60.1bn in AUA, FEG's total assets under management (AUM) are $6.3bn, which includes discretionary ($4.9bn) and non-discretionary AUM ($1.4bn).