Head of Sales & Marketing

William Goslee
William Goslee
Head of Sales & Marketing

Institutional Contacts

Matt Finke
Matt Finke
Institutional Client Development
Taylor R. McNamara
Taylor McNamara
Institutional Client Development

Advisor Contacts

Matthew J. Boyko
Matthew Boyko
Internal Sales Associate
Anthony M. Oulahan
Anthony Oulahan


At Fund Evaluation Group, LLC (FEG), we collaborate with our clients to help them fulfill their mission and achieve their investment goals. FEG is an independent, employee-owned, full-service investment advisory firm with a more than 27-year history of stability and growth. We offer in-depth education on current investment strategies and trends, based on sound research principles.


  • Investment advisory services for institutions and financial advisors
  • Over 27 years of professional investment experience
  • Internal research engine powered by tenured investment professionals
  • Approximately $50 billion in assets under advisement1
  • Independent and 100 percent employee-owned
  • Over 120 employees with offices in Cincinnati (HQ), Detroit, and Indianapolis2

1 As of September 30, 2015. Assets under Advisement include the assets of FEG and its affiliated entities. Some asset values may not be readily available at the most recent quarter end, therefore the previous quarter's values were used for this calculation. The values may be higher or lower, depending on the current market conditions. These accounts are typically non-discretionary only. Assets under Advisement includes both discretionary assets , over which FEG has full trading authority, and non-discretionary assets which we advise and make recommendations on, but may not have authority to execute or facilitate trades on behalf of the client. AUA includes approximately $46 billion in non-discretionary assets. AUM includes approximately $2.7 billion under discretion and approximately $851 million under discretion in FEG affiliates.

2 As of September 30, 2015

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