Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Recommended Resources

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In 2018 we launched the FEG Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee as the first step in our undertaking to improve diversity and inclusion efforts across our organization. Since then, we have focused on increasing our awareness and learning how to ensure that every member of our organization and our community feels respected, heard, and recognized.

To that end, we have cultivated a short list of resources we have found insightful. While we are not experts in this area, we recognize that information-sharing is a vital piece of the growth process. We invite you to share these with your team, subscribe for updates, and add them to your list of resources.


DEI Leaders to Follow:


Blog posts, Videos, and Other Resources:

  1. Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man (video)
  2. Color Blind or Color Brave with Mellody Hobson (video)
  3. Systematic Racism Explained (video)
  4. Why Gender Equity is Good for Everyone—Men Included with Michael Kimmel (video)
  5. Stand By Me: How Whites Can Become Authentic Allies by Korn Ferry (video
  6. Don’t Talk, Do: Creating a Racially Equitable Future as Inclusive Leaders by Korn Ferry (video)
  7. Understanding Privilege: The Next D&I Challenge by The Kaleidoscope Group (video)
  8. Catalyst.org: Workplaces That Work for Women (resource collection)
  9. Men Advocating Real Change (blog)
  10. Actions Individuals Can Take to Become Advocates for Gender Equity (infographic)
  11. Brené Brown – Shame and Accountability (podcast)
  12. Project Implicit Test (assessment)




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Published March 2021 


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