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Gregory Dowling, CFA, CAIA

Chief Investment Officer, Head of Research
FEG Investment Advisors

Greg Dowling is Chief Investment Officer and Head of Research at FEG. Greg joined FEG in 2004 and focuses on managing the day-to-day activities of the Research department. Greg chairs the Firm’s Investment Policy Committee, which approves all manager recommendations and provides oversight on strategic asset allocations and capital market assumptions. He also is a member of the firm’s Leadership Team and Risk Committee. In 2018, Greg was named Hedge Fund Consultant of the Year by Institutional Investor (He was a finalist for the honor in both 2015 and 2017). Greg was also named one of the 2015 Knowledge Brokers by Chief Investment Officer magazine.

Keith Berlin

Senior Vice President, Director of Global Fixed Income and Credit
FEG Investment Advisors

Keith joined FEG in 2000 and is the Senior Vice President and Director of Global Fixed Income and Credit. He is responsible for conducting primary research on fixed income managers and strategies across liquid, semi-liquid, and illiquid investment opportunities and driving strategic and tactical fixed income asset allocation recommendations to the Investment Policy Committee at FEG. In 2008 he was recognized by Institutional Investor as one of the “20 Rising Stars of Fixed Income.” He also sits on the advisory board of 13 private debt funds that invest across a variety of strategies.

Christian Busken

Senior Vice President, Director of Real Assets
FEG Investment Advisors

Christian joined FEG in 2002 and is the Senior Vice President and Director of the Real Assets sector team of FEG’s research department. In conjunction with FEG’s Investment Policy Committee, Christian recommends strategic and tactical real assets allocations for FEG’s clients. He is also responsible for sourcing, conducting due diligence, and monitoring public and private investment opportunities in the areas of real estate, commodities, private energy, timber, agriculture, infrastructure, and other resource–related investments. Christian is a frequent speaker in the institutional investment community, particularly regarding commodities, natural resources, and private energy markets.

Brian Hooper, CFA

Senior Vice President, Director of Global Equity
FEG Investment Advisors

Brian joined FEG in 2006 and is the Senior Vice President and Director of Global Equity at FEG. He is responsible for manager research with primarily non-U.S. strategies and frequently travels abroad to perform on-site due diligence for managers under consideration for recommendation. This has brought him to more than 15 countries and dozens of cities including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, India, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Denmark, and the Czech Republic. Additionally, Brian authors research publications for FEG on various topics including China, emerging markets, India, frontier markets, equity portfolio construction, and active manager performance.

Nathan Werner, CFA, CAIA

Senior Vice President, Director of Private Equity
FEG Investment Advisors

Nathan is the Senior Vice President and Director of Private Equity at FEG. In his current role, he is responsible for conducting investment manager due diligence, client education, and support, and analysis of the private equity markets. Nathan leads FEG’s sourcing efforts to discover and access private equity funds that could benefit client portfolios. He serves on the limited partner advisory committees for more than a dozen private equity funds, both in the U.S. and Europe. Nathan has more than 20 years of experience with investments and has been with FEG since 2005.