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August Research Review: Even Small Parties Leave a Mess
"While there are some similarities of today's market to 1999, we also recognize the growth and value cycle at play.." Think of the last party you attended—was it an outdoor summer BBQ? A glamorous wedding reception? A kid’s birthday party? A family holiday? Or, perhaps the recent chill in the air has you daydreaming about football tailgates? Regardless of the crowd gathered or the drink in hand, they all have two things in common: Parties are fun and parties result in messes.

Insight from the Inside: FEG's Perspective on Private Capital Advisory Board
What a difference a few years make. The venture capital industry hit new highs in fundraising, investing, and recent performance. Thomson One reported a median venture fund return for the one-year period of 22%, 1000 basis points ahead of a relatively robust public equity market. Three short years ago, venture was considered dead. We wrote at the time: “The ability of venture funds to generate returns that exceed public market returns continues to be a topic of debate. A number of large investors, including CalPERS, have recently thrown in the towel....This is the stuff cycles are made of!

Hunting Inflation: No Silver Bullets
We often hear clients raise questions and concerns about inflation: How can you best protect against it? When might it re-emerge? What might be the key drivers? In the wake of the Global Financial Crisis, as central banks undertook unprecedented stimulus measures, clients have sought to increase their exposure to a broad range of real assets strategies in an effort to gain inflation protection in their portfolios. The much anticipated (and dreaded) specter of inflation, however, has yet to emerge.

A Time of Transition
Normally life plods along with a consistent familiarity following a well-established routine. Occasionally, we are faced with a shock to the system as we transition from one life event to another. Transitions can be disruptive and uncomfortable, shaking and spinning us into a new reality that requires time for acclimation before a new routine can begin. In the future, we may look back at the second quarter of 2015 and see a transitional period...

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